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Teams will be asked to do duty once or twice a year.  Duty includes set up of the fields, BBQ and canteen.
*It is essential that the BBQ has 2 people at all times.  
*6 people are generally required for set up
*Last duty team is required to assist with pack up of BBQ and take out bins


- A committee member will open:-

- the compound
- the container on the west side of the clubroom
- the clubroom (where the BBQ is stored)
- the easternmost room (the office) – an AK2 key for the toilets is in the right hand cupboard
- the canteen

- A member of the committee will confirm the fields which require setup.
- Do a general scan of the fields for broken glass/stones/dog droppings etc.
- Fill in any major holes on the fields.

Field 1 and Field 2
- Nets, pegs and hammers are in the bins in the container marked with the field names.
- Ladders are also in the container.
- Flags are to be placed on the corners and at half way (flags at half way are placed just over a metre from the sideline).
- No flags are placed on fields other than field 1 and field 2.

Under 8 and 9’s
- The under 8’s and 9’s goals are separate portable goals in the container and labeled U8’s.
- The under 8’s and 9’s fields are overlaid on the 6/7’s fields and will be marked when they are playing.
- The ground will have to be cleared and reset up for the Under 6’s.

Under 7’s
- Set up all 8 X U7 fields with the portable SSG goals (make sure 3 pegs are used to secure each goal).
- Place the small (blue) cones at the corners and half way lines of each field.

Under 6’s
- U6’s require 6 X U6 fields set up with the portable SSG goals.
- Make sure 3 pegs are used to secure each goal.


Bins (stored in the compound)
- Place one recycle bin (yellow top) and one general purpose bin at each of: the grandstand
- near field 2
- halfway down field 1 on the turf cricket pitch
- near the canteen.

Marshalling area
- A table and two chairs are to be placed in front of the office (the eastern end of the building).
- Team sheets for the days games will be inside the office and are to be placed on the table.
- A sheet detailing the games to be played should be with the teamsheets. –
Place the “Marshalling Area” sign near the table and the Code of Behaviour sign near the top of the stairs leading on to the ground.

- The BBQ is stored in the clubroom.
- Sausages, eggs, bacon and bread will be provided. If more is needed, meat is bought from Helensburgh Butchery, other supplies from anywhere. Just lodge a receipt with the canteen if further purchases are made.
- If the gas runs out there should be a spare full bottle. If not, go to the service station for an exchange. Again, lodge the receipt with the canteen.
- Start BBQ at about 8am and be ready for the rush after the first games finish.
- BBQ orders and money are taken in the canteen. Vouchers are kept at the BBQ until the end of the day and used to balance the money by the committee person allocated to counting the canteen money on the day.

- Instructions for setting up the canteen are on the wall inside the canteen.
- Aim to open at 8am but someone needs to be in there by 7:45 to ensure things are ready.

Barricades on the field
- Use the plastic coated steel poles and the rope all stored in the container to rope out these areas.
- Stay about 1½ metres from the sidelines.

Barricades on the road
- Put out witches hats as barricades across the road at the ticket box and opposite the club house door.
- On senior game days, access from Boomerang St will be blocked and the barricade opposite the club house door will not be required.

- One official should stay available to the marshalling area at all times to answer queries and to check team.
- Ideally there should be officials near the dugouts on field 1 and near the halfway of fields 2.
- Three other duty parents should be near the fields (one on the 7’s and two others roaming the 6’s, 8’s and 9’s area.
- All officials should wear the yellow (or orange) vests available (from near the referees room).


- Clean implements behind the bar in the clubhouse.
- Wash any leaked oil off the concrete walkway.
- Clean the BBQ as if it was your own.
- Place the BBQ back in the clubroom (unless the Thistles are playing at home in which case it will be taken to the western end of the clubhouse at about 12:30pm.)
- Instructions are in the canteen
- Ensure all pegs are picked up … they are dangerous if left I the ground.
- Take nets in the right bins back into the container.
- Take portable goals set up on the day back to the compound.
- Remember to place the hole covers back in their holes.
- If the seniors are playing at home Field 1 (and perhaps even field 2) is left set up. Check with Greg Rendell on 0411 273 338 whether Field 2 is needed. If the Conference League are not at home check with Greg Rendell on the requirements for both fields 1 & 2 in the afternoon.
- Ensure toilets, office, canteen, clubroom (front and back, and both top and bottom latches of the front steel doors), compound and container are all locked.
- Return bins and witches hats to the compound.


• Four Ground Marshalls will be allocated from duty teams. One should be near the dugouts on Field 1, one near the coaches and subs on Field 2 and two roaming around the Small Sided Games and covering the other side of Fields 1 & 2.

• Ground Marshall/s must be over the age of 18 years and should not be working in the “technical area” coaching or managing a team while on duty as a marshall.

• The Ground Marshall/s has the right to retain an authority and control that reflects the positive aspects of the Associations and the Clubs “Code of Conduct”. (The code of conduct sign is always in position at the top of the steps accessing the fields.)

• The Ground Marshall/s is the only person permitted to approach the referees.

• A committee member will always be in attendance as the “go to” person to lend support and advise on required action/s whenever a ground marshall feels ill equipped to handle a situation that has arisen.

• The Ground Marshall/s shall, when performing duties maintain unbiased opinions / views and ensure appropriate behaviour befitting the role and as a representative of the Club.

• Referees have the right to delay a game until ground marshalls are in position.


1. Wear the approved fluro coloured GM jacket
2. Be mindful where the First Aid facility and stretcher are located
3. Assist referees with correcting nets if required
4. Circulate around the allocated field/s to ensure visibility
5. Position yourself in your assigned area and resume an ‘active’ observers role
6. Spectators should be guided / encouraged to stand behind the ‘parent line’ or within the allocated viewing area with emphasis away from the Goal areas
7. Ensure only registered Coaches / Managers / Substitutions whose names appear on the team sheet have taken up position within the Technical areas provided near half way
8. Address unruly / unsportsmanlike behaviour and restore clam where required
9. Report misconduct - including disputes, foul and abusive language by any persons at the ground. Report should be captured in the Incident Book located within the Clubroom
10. Secure unleashed dogs to minimize risk to the animal, players, officials and spectators


The Ground Marshall's duties / responsibilities are to assist and contribute to the quality management of Junior Soccer on match days and provide a pro-active service to all visitors and members at Helensburgh Park.

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