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Thank you to all of our current sponsors. 

Please support these businesses by visiting their websites or social media pages linked below.

Whilst the club has worked hard to establish its current position, the challenge is to maintain and improve our current status. To do this effectively, we need the support of our business partners and others to continue to build our club and support our players. Our executive committee is keen to involve local businesses and Corporate sponsors in the Club’s overall plan.
Sponsorship provides the Helensburgh Thistle Soccer Club with the following benefits:-

  • Provide quality training equipment

  • Keep registration costs low

  • Provide trophies and recognition to players, members and volunteers

  • Provide accredited training to our coaches

We have a number of Sponsorship Packages available or one can be tailored to meet your specific needs. In addition we confirm that all sponsorship packages are tax deductible and the club will provide a Tax Invoice for your financial records. There is a number of sponsorship options available ranging from a $300 advertising on our club website right through to a $10,000 Platinum Sponsorship package.

Thank you to all our sponsors

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