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Objectives of U6 Small Sided Football

  • Fun

  • Good Sportsmanship

  • Ensure Players return the following year

Basic Facts about U6 Soccer players

  • Body and minds are still under construction

  • Individually focused “It’s all about me”

  • Short attention spans

  • Not physically co-ordinated: lots of falling over

  • Loves to climb, jump, run, roll, do cart wheels (often will do these things during the games and training)

  • Players need continuous, consistent “positive” encouragement


  • Club provides shirt - players to provide black shorts and purchase socks. (Shirts not to be worn for training)

  • Shin Guards (must wear under socks at practice & games)

  • Soccer boots (optional but recommended)

  • Size 3 Ball club provided

  • Uniform club provided

  • Drink

  • Sun Screen


  • Time determined by coach. (must not exceed 1hr)

  • Be on time

  • Coach will notify of game or practice cancellations

  • Parents must stay at practice unless other arrangements are made. It is not the coach’s responsibility to watch your children.

  • Bring ball, shin guards and something to drink

  • Sun screen if applicable

  • Encourage active participation from parents


General Information:

  • Parents must stay at games unless other arrangements are made. It is not the coach's responsibility to watch your children

  • Player must wear proper uniform (jersey must be tucked in, shoes, socks and shin guards worn under socks).

  • NO JEWELLERY please.  Jewellery that gets tangled up with another player can result in unexpected consequences.

What will this “Soccer” game look like?

  • It is designed as 4v4 but, in reality, it will be 1 vs 7

  • Everyone versus the player with the ball!

  • It resembles a bee hive or a swarm chasing a ball. Somewhere in the middle is a player kicking the ball.

  • A child may run off the field to hug a parent, have their parent tie their shoe, stop and waive at a parent

  • A child may stop playing to admire a plane, a butterfly, do a cartwheel etc.  

  • The kids will not remember the score or whether they won or lost

  • They will remember the treat after the game

  • It will not look organized nor will it be played as though it is organized

Game Day 

  • Games - Saturday mornings @ 10am at Rex Jackson Oval

  • Duration of the match – 2 x 20 min halves (plus ½ time break)   

  • The Field – Rectangular in shape; a halfway line, goal line and sidelines, goal at each end

  • The Ball – Size 3

  • Number of players – the game is played 4 v 4.  Each team shall have no more than four players on the field, none of which are designated a goalkeeper.  

  • Player’s equipment – shoes or soccer boots, shin guards, socks that cover the shin guards and team uniform

  • Referee – A coach or coaches shall act as the referees or as we prefer, “Game Leader”.

  • Substitutions are allowed during a goal kick; kick‐in, goal scored and start of each half.

  • Game Day Rules – see attached Rules Guide


  • Treating other players the way they would like to be treated

  • Shake hands at the end of the game


Q) What date is the first game?

Date TBA

Q) My child played U6 last year – so do they play U7 this year?

Children turning 6 this year will play in the U6 competition.

Children turning 7 this year will play in the U7 competition.

etc.etc with all ages it is the age you turn this year

Q) Who is my coach and manager?

2 teams will be combined and have 1 coach but 2 “Game Leaders” - Each team will need to nominate a Coach and manager. 

Q) I can’t coach the team – I’ve never played soccer…

The U6s play SSG (small sided games) which is a modified form of soccer.  There are very few rules.  The main role of the coach/Game Leader is to organise fun games and simply let them play.  Over the season the children’s skills and confidence will grow.

Q) What are the rules of SSG?

The rules are simple and can be found under the Coaches Corner menu on this website.

Q) How long do games go for?

Games are two 15 minute halves with a short break in between.

Q) What do I need to buy?

Club provides socks and shirt - players to provide black shorts.

Black shorts– can be purchased either from the club (for $20) or elsewhere.

Shin pads– are compulsory for games and training.  They are available at Rebel.

Soccer boots– a limited number of pre-loved boots are available from the canteen. 

Q) It’s raining.  Is training cancelled?

Go to the website and click on the Grounds and Wet Weather tab. Click on the link “Wollongong Council Ground Status”.If Rex Jackson Oval is closed, then training is off.

Training is not allowed on the oval if council has closed the grounds.

Q) It’s raining on match day.  Is the game off?

Alerts will be put out on the App and check the website homepage after 7am in the morning on game day for cancellations. 

Do not assume that because it is raining that the game is off.

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